Lyophilized Powder-for-Injection

Provide you a comprehensive and flexible sterile manufacturing solution.

Freeze drying

The process of freeze drying offers a number of advantages over other manufacturing methods. It improves production shelve life, product stability, and helps to preserve biological activities of certain products. With 20 years of experience and expertise in pharmaceutical Lyophilization, Hangzhou Ausia is committed to provide you with an array of services, tailored to meet your easy to complex sterile manufacturing needs.

Lyophilized Powder-for-Injection Production

Figure 1: Lyophilized Powder-for-Injection Production


Equipment and process are only a part of our mission of “manufacturing for excellence”, Our business practices are prioritized to put quality first, a corporate principle that strives on continuous improvement. We have an experienced Quality Assurance and Control group that provides day-to-day oversight for manufacturing operations. A consistent training regiment is set up to train our operators in executing better operation standards and product quality.

Improvement of cycles

Our teams of scientists and operators are dedicated to handle your project in a professional and personal manner. We are efficient in allocating our resources to meet your lyophilization needs. If you still need further development or optimization work on your freeze-drying cycles, we can steer you to the right experts who can innovate, design, test and improve your current cycles.


Figure 2: Lyophilizer

We currently have:

  • Vial size from 3ml-10ml
  • 6 high-speed filling & stoppering lines that can fill 8, 10, or 12 needles at a time.
  • 12 lyophilizers from 20m2 to 45m2 with CIP/SIP/WIT.
  • Capacity is depended on vial diameter:
        22mm(7ml/10ml): 2250 vials / m2
        13mm(2ml): 4450 vials / m2
  • More than 20 contract manufacturing products
  • Annual production volume up to 200 million vials.

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