Letter from the Chairman

Today, Ausia BioTech is a leading firm among China’s contract manufacturing organizations (“CMO”) specializing in sterile manufacturing of parenterals. Our present success relies on two important factors: passion and integrity.

Put simply, we love what we do here at Ausia. Our passion helps the business achieve and retain its vibrant personality and that’s why everyone would go out his or her way to help a client, improve on a procedure or correct a deviation. Furthermore, for the last 20 years, our true mission has always been to advance patient care by delivering quality product. That requires integrity. That’s why we teach our employees to do what’s right when nobody is watching. We believe in investment in human capital and training. Come and see our soon to be completed “Sterile University” and find out just how serious we treat quality and compliance.

Looking ahead, our continued growth, and expanded business opportunities, has paved the way for strategically-planned improvements and new services to increase efficiency and optimize operations. With over 20 years of experience, and a positive growth outlook, we welcome your challenges and are ready to assist you in archiving your manufacturing and product goals.

Finally, I thank you for your interest in Ausia and encourage you to check on us often for updates. I am looking forward to share with you good news as we continue to improve and grow.


Shaofeng Huang
Chairman of the Board


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