Choosing A Contract Manufacturing Organization

Finding a suitable CMO partner can be a difficult and time consuming task because there are so many factors needed to be considered before choosing an outsourced partner. This selection process used to be quite straight forward. In those times, we have only a few elements to consider:

  1. Cost – will outsourcing be cheaper than in-house production?
  2. Quality – can the CMO meet or exceed my quality standards?
  3. Capacity – Does the partner has the capacity to meet my demand in a timely manner?
  4. Regulation – this is a given since only qualified vendor can manufacture legally.

As the industry matures, the CMO model also evolved to include more long-term values. The decision to use a CMO is no longer a tactical choice based on short-term supply/demand issues. It became more strategic and calls for additional factors:

  1. Flexibility – is the CMO flexible enough to tailor to my specific requirements or changes?
  2. Continuity – is the CMO committed to long-term partnership? Is it a thriving business that can supply long-term?
  3. Values – do the two companies share similar values that will help in communication, strategic planning, and technical advances?

Why Choosing Ausia

At Ausia BioTech, we understand that the process can be daunting and the stakes involved are critical in this extremely competitive world of pharmaceutical manufacturing. We are committed to make you confident and comfortable in choosing us to be your strategic partner for your manufacturing and product needs.

We take our commitment seriously

Ninety seven percent of our manufacturing capacity is dedicated to contract manufacturing operations and it is close to 150 million vials annually. Our expansion plan, a 10 lyophilizers production facility, will also be devoted to CMO operation. As China’s leading CMO for lyophilized injectables, we are a successful business with healthy cash flow, allowing us to commit to long-term development and growth.

Focus on delivering results

Getting the results customers wants – a key in client service philosophy. To accomplish this, we has developed strong organizational capabilities to ensure our partnership provides the value you deserve and expect, whether it is quality, cost, scale, timing or expansion opportunities.

Our passion dictates how we operate

The founding shareholder, our current long serving CEO set the tone of our motto – you are in the business because you like what you do. As a result, although we operate on large scale, we are very approachable and our services are always personal. Our client team is dedicated to provide high-quality manufacturing service that is tailored to your specific needs.

In reality, a successful business relationship builds on actual exchanges and takes time. We invite you to know more about us and find out how we can work together to solve your challenges by contacting us.

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